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Biblical Integration in Education Summit
Biblically Integrated 
Teaching and Learning
The Summit equips educators to effectively lead their students in integrating a biblical worldview into their lives.

The Summit features influential biblical Integration experts to answer
 • What is biblical integration?
 • Why is biblical integration foundational to a Christian education?
 • How is biblically integrated education done effectively?

The Summit videos are a convenient, low-cost professional development resource to use at your own pace all year!
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Marti MacCullough 
Gavin Bretteny
Rebekah Concepcion
Matthew Dominguez
Vicki Greer
Amy Imbody
Nate Johnson
Harold Klassen
Christian Overman
Joe Neff
Kim Tarr
Gaby Urgo
WHEN: Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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WHAT: Experts on biblically integrated instruction explain
- What is biblical integration?
- Why is biblical integration foundational to a Christian education?
- How is biblically integrated education done effectively?

WHY: The Summit equips educators to effectively lead their students in integrating a biblical worldview into their lives. 
Who is the event for?
The summit is for Christian educators – teachers, homeschoolers, administrators, and students preparing to be teachers.
How do speakers present?
Each presenter delivers a  video about biblical integration in education.
Where is the event located?
How can I watch?
Log on during the Summit to watch without cost, or purchase unlimited access to all Summit videos for $99.
How much does the summit cost to attend?
The Summit is free to watch as it’s streamed on Nov. 14, 2018.
Unlimited access to all videos can be purchased for $99.
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Dr. Marti MacCullough
Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Cairn University 
Developing a Worldview Approach to Biblical Integration
This presentation is an introduction to the concept of biblical worldview integration in the school curriculum. Questions addressed will include: What is a worldview? Why is worldview integration essential in authentic Christian education? What is the concept of integration? Where does integration occur? How is worldview integration accomplished in the strategic design of the curriculum and not as a tack-on? The presentation includes indicators on selected PowerPoint slides for pausing to complete activities so that it can be used in professional development with a school faculty.
Martha E. MacCullough, is the Distinguished Professor Emerita for Worldview Integration in the Center for University Studies at Cairn University. She is retired from full time teaching at the University. Formerly Dean of the School of Education, Dr. MacCullough specializes in learning theory and learning methodology, philosophy of education, and biblical worldview integration.

Dr. MacCullough earned the Doctorate of Education degree from Temple University, the Master of Arts in Christian Education from Wheaton College, and the Bachelor of Science in Bible degree with an international specialization from Cairn University.

Dr. MacCullough is, first and foremost, a teacher. However, she has also initiated and developed teacher education programs at two colleges. She was an administrator at Cairn University for 30 years during which time she developed 12 fully accredited teacher and educational leadership certification programs. In addition, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and international education programs were under her supervision and are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels on Cairn’s main campus and on the various international campuses. Her writing on educational issues such as human learning, philosophy of education, and worldview integration have been published in education books and journals and have been translated into several languages. She authored the book, By Design: Developing a Philosophy of Education Informed by a Christian Worldview, in 2013, second edition in 2016, the book, Undivided: A Worldview Approach to Biblical Integration, published by Purposeful Design in 2015, and has just written a book on Classroom Management and Student Discipline: Informed by a Christian Worldview (in publication process).

In addition to her teaching responsibilities for the University, Dr. MacCullough conducts professional development workshops and seminars at Christian education and teacher education conventions and conferences at the regional, national, and international levels. She also conducts seminars on a variety of topics for churches and other Christian organizations.

Dr. MacCullough resides in New Holland, PA, having moved there after retirement from full-time administration and teaching at Cairn University. Her late husband, Donald, went home to be with the Lord in 2003. Marti is the mom of two educators, Sheryl, who teaches behaviorally challenged youth and Debbie, who is the international education consultant for ACSI and serves under Crossworld mission.
Gavin Brettenny
Head of School at Black Forest Academy
DIY Integration and Correlation
Gavin demonstrates the purpose of biblical integration, distinguishes between the practice of correlation and integration, and shares a classroom lesson using an integration template that teachers can copy for DIY.
Gavin, his wife, and their two sons are South African nationals. Their eldest son is a sophomore at Taylor University, Indiana. The youngest son is a senior at Black Forest Academy (BFA), Germany. The family live in Germany. 

Gavin served as High School Principal, 1994–1999, and K-12 Director, 2000–2012, at Harvest Christian School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Gavin was Chairman of the Association of Christian Schools (ACSI) South Africa, 2010–2013, and global member of the ACSI Executive Board in the USA, 2009–2012. He currently serves as Head of School at Black Forest Academy. As part of BFA’s commitment to global Christian education, Gavin serves as ACSI Director of Strategic Development: Africa.

Gavin holds degrees in English Literature, a post graduate diploma in education, a Bachelor of Education Honours and a Masters in Organisational Leadership. His research, as a PhD candidate, investigates the influence of transformational leadership behaviours on school transformation amongst Protestant schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
Rebekah Concepcion
Master Teacher at Doulos Discovery School
Using Custom made Curriculum as a Biblical Integration Tool
Rebekah explains how to use custom made curriculum and service as an effective Biblical Integration tool for all subject areas. God made us in His image to create. We can create effective curriculum with real world application and powerful biblical integration put into action.
Rebekah grew up in Florida, graduated from FSU, and moved to the Dominican Republic in 2009 as a missionary. Her husband and she planted a church. Rebekah has served at two different Christian Schools, including as a school principal. She has 9 years of teaching experience (in Spanish, Math, English, and Bible all for secondary). She is currently serving as Master Teacher for secondary school at Doulos Discovery School in Jarabacoa. Rebekah is passionate about best practices in teaching and effective biblical integration.
Matthew Dominguez
Philosophy, Literature, and Discipleship Faculty at Wheaton Academy
Founder of In the True Myth
Truth Revealed & Connecting Truth: A Philosophical Mindset And A New Approach For Biblical Integration
Why try to integrate something that is not disintegrated? There is great freedom in empowering students to uncover the Truth of Christ embedded in all subject areas and throughout God’s wondrous creation. In this brief session, Matthew introduces a fresh take on Biblical integration that seeks to lead students in this discovery through the Philosophical framework of worldview. He also explains why this approach instills authenticity and increases efficacy of cross-curricular and interdisciplinary Biblical integration. He shares from his years of conferences and professional development around the globe and over twenty-five years of teaching experience.
Matthew is an educational trainer, speaker, and teacher and has studied at Houghton College in New York, Keble College in Oxford, and received his Masters from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently, he is a philosophy, literature, and discipleship teacher and the adventure club director at Wheaton Academy in West Chicago, Illinois. With over twenty-five years of teaching experience and Kingdom Community building experience, he is passionate about the exciting journey of equipping students and leaders to make their faith their own by knowing what they believe and why they believe it.  

He loves stories and utilizes great literature to unlock the life-transforming power of language and story. He wants to help people see that all great stories, all great authors, all great literature, poems, and films point us to the amazing True Story that the Author is writing—the one beginning in Genesis, ignited at Pentecost, and continuing to unfold today. He desires to inspire leaders and students to connect with their essential place in the adventurous epic of building God’s Kingdom as Christ-centered disciples in the exciting and engaging “True Myth” of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

At his center Matthew has found his True Identity and sustaining Joy as a child of the King of the Universe, the King of Kings. From that foundation he is growing in becoming the husband, father, friend, and artist that God has called him to be. It is his deep joy to be on this grand adventure of Kingdom building and loving others with his wife Jennifer and four children, Anna, Elijah, Olivia, and Ivy. 
Vicki Greer
5th Grade Teacher at Newton Christian Academy
Biblical Integration: A 5th Grade Teacher’s Experience
In an interview with Dr. Christian Overman, Vicki discusses a lesson she presented to 5th graders in which the topic of ecosystems was put into the context of a biblical worldview.
Vicki is a wife and mother of four children. She graduated from Mount Mercy University, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with a BS in Elementary Education. She holds an Iowa teaching certificate and an ACSI Certificate. She has been teaching 5th grade at Isaac Newton Christian Academy for ten years. Vicki participated in the Pilot Project for Worldview Matters at the academy. Serving as a mentor and a biblical integration coach is a responsibility she enjoys. Vicki is passionate about teaching all subjects with a biblical worldview.
Amy Imbody
Executive Director and President of The Center for Redemptive Education
Not Just a Cup of Coffee!  
Amy uses a familiar cuppa Joe to demonstrate the integral nature of everything, equipping educators to help their students begin to see the infinite connections between God's two "books": His Word and His World.
Amy Imbody has been working with children, teachers, and parents for over forty years. As a mother of four adult children, and grandmother to four small precious souls, she continues to spend her life writing, speaking, teaching, singing, and leading communities of learners. In 2016 she concluded a long season of serving as principal of a private Christian school in order to found and direct the Center for Redemptive Education, a nonprofit which exists to articulate, cultivate, demonstrate and facilitate an approach to teaching and learning that is Biblical, Relational, Integral and Experiential (BRIE). Amy’s poetry has been published in magazines such as First Things, Ladybug, and Cricket, while her award-winning children’s book, Snug as a Bug (first released in 2001 by Zonderkidz) and its accompanying study guide (digital) continue to be available on, along with several others she has written.  
Dr. Nate Johnson
CEO of Charleston Bilingual Academy 
Embracing the Triune God through Language Immersion Education
Through an understanding of the communal and communicative nature of the Triune God, Nathan explores the physiology behind the language genius of young children and how to create a mission driven school that inspires, equips and empowers children to take the gospel across cultures and languages. By Him, Through Him, and For Him.
Nathan Johnson has studied education throughout his academic career (at Furman, Columbia International, and Vanderbilt Universities). Based off of his studies, national/international school leadership opportunities, and passion for bridging cultures and sharing the love of the Triune God, he founded the Charleston Bilingual Academy as a pilot school for Christian, intercultural, language immersion education. 
Harold Klassen
Educational Consultant
Why Knowing the Bible Isn’t Enough
Harold discovered that although it is essential to know God’s word, being able to relate it to different aspects of God’s world doesn’t happen automatically. It took over 20 years in a Christian school for him to recognize two symptoms of a debilitating problem with his view of the world which undermines the role of the Bible in his teaching. Harold will share a simple tool that has helped him understand what God has revealed about His view of His world. It can be taught to little children and yet serve as a visual organizer for the continued exploration of Biblical integration by a mature learning community.
Harold Klassen ( and his wife, Betty, have served with TeachBeyond since 1977. They have four children and eight grandchildren. They worked at the Black Forest Academy in Germany in a variety of roles including teacher, librarian, computer technician, and high school principal. He completed a M.Sc. in Education from Cairn University in 2003. From 1998 to the present he has been an educational consultant working with teachers in 20 countries worldwide. Since 2011, they have lived in Canada where Harold has continued his international work, especially in Asia, with online and in-person teaching. His passion is Biblical worldview—what God has revealed about how He views His world—and how it should shape our educational thinking and practice. He has written Visual Valet: Personal Assistant for Christian Thinkers and Teachers. His website,, has resources to help equip teachers for Christ-centered, transformational education.  
Joe Neff
Director of Educational Services, TeachBeyond
The Foundation for Biblical Worldview that Changes Lives: 
The Three Loves
Joe explores the foundation for great Biblical worldview teaching that impacts lives: Love God, love students, and love subject-the gift we give students. The presentation explains the value of biblical worldview and how to implement practices that support a living and life-changing classroom.
Joe has served as a principal or head of school for 33 years. He currently cares for educational services including schools and teachers for TeachBeyond. Joe lives in Southeast Asia and will be moving to the United Kingdom soon. He is the author of Building Biblical Worldview: The Three Loves
Dr. Christian Overman
Founder of Worldview Matters
3 Tools for Biblical Worldview Integration 
Successful biblical worldview integration in the classroom requires planning. In this session, Christian introduces 3 tools for effective lesson designs that will engage your students in meaningful conversation.
Dr. Christian Overman is the Founding Director of Worldview an educational service organization dedicated to helping followers of Christ recover from secularized thought.  
As an educator, Christian has taught school at the elementary, secondary and college levels. For fourteen years, he served as the principal of a Christian school. He did his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington, from which he holds two bachelor’s degrees (Music and German Language/Literature). He also holds a Masters of Education degree from Seattle Pacific University, with an emphasis on the Philosophy of Christian Education, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Bakke Graduate University, with an emphasis on Theology of Work. He is also a commissioned Centurion, studying under Chuck Colson.

Since founding Worldview Matters in 2000, Dr. Overman has taught courses in biblical worldview to audiences throughout the United States, as well as in Central America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Christian and his wife, Kathy, have been married since 1970. They have four adult children and twelve grandchildren. They reside near Seattle, Washington, USA.  
Kim Tarr
2nd Grade Teacher at Lighthouse Christian School
Biblical Integration: A 2nd Grade Teacher's Experience
In an interview with Dr. Christian Overman, Kim discusses two lessons she presented to 2nd graders in which the topics of "snails" and "Annie Sullivan" were put into the context of a biblical worldview.
Kim has been married 32 years and is a mother of 3 lovely daughters, all of whom have graduated from college, and one of whom is now married. Kim has BA (+90) in Education from Central Washington University, and has been an educator for 24 years - the last 19 at Lighthouse Christian school in Gig Harbor, WA. Kim is currently teaching 2nd grade. Kim believes children are our most important resource – and so very special to Jesus! 

Matthew 19:13-14 “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”
Gaby Urgo
Foreign Language Teacher at Grace Christian School
Biblical Integration: A High School Spanish Teacher’s Experience
In an interview with Dr. Christian Overman, Gaby discusses a lesson she presented to high school students in which the topic of "learning Spanish" was put into the context of a biblical worldview.
Foreign Language Instructor
Gaby Urgo was born in Argentina where she developed a love for languages and studied English, French, and Latin. After moving to the United States, she began teaching Spanish at Grace Christian School in Virginia. She has been teaching high school for twenty-four years. Gaby lives in Staunton with her husband and two daughters.
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